Portfolion® Planning

Investment Optimization System for Advisors

Confidently Answer Your Clients' Key Retirement Questions

Differentiate Your Retirement Service

Income that Lasts an Exact Time

Our processs eliminiates the uncertainty of how long your client's income will last. Income will last exactly as long as planned; not a day longer; not a day shorter.

Higher Anticipated Safe Withdrawals

Your client can experience median income often more than 2X higher than other drawdown methods. Traditional methods require smaller withdrawals to reduce the risk of premature savings depletion, often resulting in excessively large inheritance for heirs. Eliminating the uncertainty over income length allows your client to enjoy his/her savings.

Highly Tuned Portfolio Optimization

Our patented process keeps track of the exact amount of time every dollar is invested, permitting superior asset allocation. Thus, asset allocation is finely tuned to truly maximize probable income.

Simple to Use

You no longer need to guess future returns or inflation, nor employ complex evaluation forms to understand your client's risk tolerance. Our scientific analysis eliminates the guesswork, and our quantitatitve risk tolerance is easy for you and your clients to intuitively understand.